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How Does Display Advertising Work?

Display advertising works as a digital billboard online, increasing brand awareness. Display ads target a consumer based on their location and/or behavior. You may have also heard the phrase “Retargeting” or “Retargeting Display” and wondered what exactly that is. Retargeting Display works when a consumer searches for your business with relevant keywords pertinent for who you are and what you do. They may also have visited your website. The consumer is then ‘tagged’ as an interested prospect. When the consumer surfs the Web, they are recognized through the tag and your banner ad is displayed.
The ability to target consumers interested in your products or services based on their behavior is an effective strategy. This builds top-of-mind awareness with consumers and can bring consumers who have already visited your website back to it.
Audience targeting ensures you are connecting with the right audience as they surf the web. You can target by several factors, including geographic, behavioral, social, and retargeting. This targeting ability allows you to get your brand/business in front of the right people and reach them throughout the buying process. As the display campaign is optimized, the technology places your online ads on the most effective websites for optimum performance. As a result, you receive increased brand/business awareness which is a cost-effective tool to supplement your traditional advertising mediums.

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