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Google Chrome 68 Update: Not Secure Warnings

Within the next month, Google Chrome will release its 68th version/update. For the first time, Chrome will clearly mark sites that do not have SSL certificates as “Not Secure” in the address bar. We first addressed this change last September, and now have an official timeline for when these changes will roll out. Secure connections […]

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Staying Power of Traditional Media

Despite an onslaught of new media platforms and devices, established forms of media – such as radio and TV – remain resilient, according to new study from Kantar Media. Nearly every consumer surveyed for the research firm’s Dimension 2018 report, across the U.S. and four other global markets, continues to access television through a TV […]

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4 Ways to Use GIFs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While it may seem to be a recent phenomenon, animated GIFs have actually been around for almost 30 years. GIFs are attracting attention because they are easy to consume and take very little time to enjoy, offer call-to-action capability, and deliver an emotional impact that can connect your business to your audience. Here are four […]

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Central States Media Receives 2 Public Relations Association Awards

Central States Media (CSM) recently received 2 awards from the Public Relations Association of Central Illinois for their work with the Peoria Park District, Peoria Zoo, and Bremer Jewelry. CSM and Bremer Jewelry received the Bang for Your Buck Award for their Holiday 2017 social media campaign. This robust campaign promoted products and gifts available for […]

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Google Local Services Ads

You may have heard about a new Google feature called Local Services Ads. This new feature has rolled out in a limited number of large metropolitan areas, with plans to roll out to more cities sometime in the future. There is currently no estimated timeframe for when this service will be available to everyone. But […]

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Central States Media Receives 7 Healthcare Advertising Awards

Peoria, IL, May 10, 2018 – Central States Media (CSM) recently received a total of 7 national awards for its work with a number of partners, through the Healthcare Advertising Awards. “We are extremely appreciative of our partners for their collaboration with Central States Media and the opportunity to work with them in realizing their […]

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Best Practices for Review Response

There’s a lot you can learn from online reviews, and they can be a valuable tool for improving your customer service. Handle them incorrectly, however, and you could be left with a PR nightmare. There’s no need to be intimidated: review response can be expertly handled if you understand a few key points. It’s important […]

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The Amazing History of Graphic Design

1880 Ottmar Mergenthaler invents the first typesetting machine: the Linotype 1922 The term “Graphic Designer” is used for the first time by W.A Swiggins in an article for the Boston Evening Transcript 1984 Apple releases the first Macintosh computer, featuring bitmap graphics. 1990 Photoshop version on releases and physicist Tim Berners-Lee develops the world wide […]

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Bing Removes Sidebar Ads: What it Means for your Search Marketing

One of the goals of search engines is to improve the user experience and generate more valuable results for businesses who advertise there. So, to continue delivering the best possible experience for users and businesses, Bing is no longer serving text ads on the sidebar of its desktop search engine. This move follows Google’s sidebar ad removal in […]

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Facebook To Introduce New Privacy Controls

Central States Media will actively be following this story and closely monitoring if/how it will affect social media marketing campaigns.    Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it would end its partnerships with several large data brokers who help advertisers target people on the social network, a step that follows a scandal over how Facebook handles […]

Posted: March 29, 2018 | View More »

What is Geofence Mobile Display? How Does It Work?

Location data, geo-targeting, geofilters. Location-based technology is opening up a world of possibilities, but it can also get pretty confusing. We’d like to break down the details of the geofence mobile display that we use at Central State Media, and what sets it apart from other location-based products. In summary, geofence mobile display uses mobile […]

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Does Your Mobile Marketing Need a Boost?

On average, mobile users spend 69% of their total media time each day on smartphones. That means that over half of their individual screen time is on a device no bigger than the palm of their hands that follows them throughout the day as they make all types of purchase-related decisions and research. Mobile ad […]

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